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California Department of Education Policy, data, resources. While a little awkward to navigate, there's much here.
 Ed-Data This site is unique in its combination of the latest financial, demographic, and school and student performance data, plus clear and impartial analyses and discussions of current issues.
EdSource This independent, nonpartisan California nonprofit specializes in clarifying complex education topics and policy choices - through balanced analyses of education issues and accurate education data.
DataQuest CDE web site for school/district information.
School Wise Press
"Helping Parents Get Smart About
California Schools"
Using data from several public sources, this organization best serves its readers "by identifying relevant data, qualifying the sources, interpreting the data, putting it in the richest possible context of related information, presenting it in a way that's accessible and understandable to the greatest number of people, and publishing it as quickly as possible." This site is easy to use and is enhanced with links to education-related news and discussion forums.  

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