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First, think broadly and boldly!

  • Serving on a WASC committee (sorry for the blatant plug)

  • Classroom observations and feedback

  • Reflective journals

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Discussions about student work

  • Professional reading

  • School visitations

  • Grant writing

  • Making presentations

  • Course work

  • Professional conferences and workshops

  • Curriculum development

  • Support groups and networking

  • Analysis of student performance data

  • Online instruction
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Group problem solving
  • Videotape analysis

  • School surveys

  • Internship

  • Student feedback


Looking at Student Work This web site presents the work of educators committed to new ways of looking at student work, ways that emphasize:
  • teachers looking together at student work with colleagues
  • focusing on small samples of student work
  • reflecting on important questions about teaching and learning
  • using structures and guidelines ("protocols") for looking at and talking about student work
Learning Forward The largest non-profit professional group (formerly the National Staff Development Council) is committed to ensuring success for all students through staff development and school improvement. The Council views high quality staff development programs as essential to creating schools in which all students and staff members are learners who continually improve their performance. In particular, check out
Professional Learning Communities "I Finally Drank the Koolaid"  has an irresistible title, and is award-winning teacher Bill Ferriter's funny account of challenging most professional development initiatives in his district - until he saw the power of the teaming model. This might be a good article for a staff meeting that includes introducing or assessing the quality of the team meetings in your school:
Education Week's Teacher PD Source Book

Teacher PD Sourcebook Directory is the most complete interactive, online professional development resource for K-12 educators. Register for free to have access to "selected articles."

Training Games A number of resources here: TrainerBubble, Business Training Works (these are ice breakers), BusinessBalls, and WorkShop350, and 10 Quick and Easy Team Building Activities just to cite a few
Several articles on group work From Indiana University and  From
Center for Development and Learning


CDL specializes in the development and dissemination of leading edge research, knowledge, and best practices from multiple disciplines that impact teaching and learning.

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